Laba Festival-The method of pickling laba garlic

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The origin of Laba garlic is very interesting, the popular rumor is that businesses in the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month settlement of revenue and expenses in the year, if you owe money to others need to immediately repay debt (Chinese people don't like the Chinese New Year when they owe money, think it is a bad sign), creditors also want to collect debt, after all, before the Chinese New Year, the boss needs to collect debt to pay wages. However, debt collection has clever square, rely on one urn pickled garlic head! In Chinese "garlic" sound with "calculate", received pickled garlic people understand, uninvited home to send garlic, not to add dishes, actually for debt collection, clear "calculate" account to. Another is said to be housewives, Laba this day began to calculate the cost of home, home arrangements, so that the family safe and carefree good years.


Laba garlic practice is actually quite simple, today to learn the process!

Ingredients: 200g raw garlic (net weight after peeling)

Marinade: granulated sugar 10g, Shuita aged vinegar for 10 years (the ratio of sweet and sour may depend on personal preferences, like sour with sweet, might as well add more sugar)

1. Remove garlic rind, lay on a sieve and leave to air dry for half a day (garlic kernel will darken slightly). 

2. Prepare glass containers that can be sealed. After the hot water is disinfected, be sure to dry or air it to ensure that there is no moisture.



3. Place the garlic in a glass container, sprinkle with granulated sugar, and pour in the Shuita 3-year-old vinegar. Seal the container and shake the bottle to dissolve the vinegar and sugar.



4. Store in a cool and shaded place until the garlic cloves turn from yellow to white to green, and then to green, about two to three weeks of time. (Use clean tongs or spoons to avoid oil or water contamination.)