Inheriting the skills of vinegar

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"Since ancient times, vinegar has been brewed in Shanxi, and the roots are traced to Qingxu. In ancient times, people referred to vinegar as xi, and people who made vinegar called "Lao xi". Therefore, due to the special contribution of Shanxi people to the vinegar brewing technology, people from other provinces respectfully call Shanxi people "Shanxi Laoxi".


During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Shanxi's vinegar brewing skills became more and more exquisite. Following the migration of Shanxi people and the footprints of Shanxi merchants, Shanxi's vinegar-making technology and vinegar customs were brought to the inside and outside of the Great Wall, north and south of the Great Wall. Compared with the other three famous vinegars, the raw materials of Shanxi old aged vinegar must be locally produced sorghum, peas, bran, bran, daqu, etc., after crushing, mixing, adding water, accumulation infiltration, steaming, saccharification and acetic fermentation. It is made of mashed, soaked, and vinegar. The color is black and red, and the taste is sour and sweet. It is ranked first among the "Four Famous Chinese Vinegars".

 The long history of vinegar gave birth to a splendid vinegar culture. In order to inherit and promote this national industry and ancestral culture, Shanxi Shuita Vinegar Industry Co., Ltd. rebuilt Baoyuan Old Vinegar Factory, completely restored the old vinegar production technology of Ming and Qing vinegar workshops, and invested a huge amount of money to build Shanxi Vinegar Plaza The Vinegar Culture Museum is second to none in the country.