History of Shanxi Superior Mature Vinegar

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    Vinegar, in ancient China, is called “XI” or “ZUO”, which were recorded earliest in << ZhouLi>>, we can know that in Western Zhou Dynasty, our ancestry had began to brew vinegar. JinYang( Taiyuan Now) is the birthplace of Chinese vinegar, as recorded in 8th century BC, therer had been many vinegar mills, in Spring-Autumn period, vinegars mills can be seen both in cities and counties. In North Wei Dynasty, the book <<Qi Min Yao Shu>> totally record twenty two kinds of methods to produce vinegars.



    After Tang and Song dynasties, with the development of micro-organisms technology, until Ming dynasty, there had been 3 yeasts for producing vinegars. Shanxi Mature Vinegar mainly use red yeast, this kind is the best for producing vinegars, with “ Basking in Summer, Freezing in Winter” special crafts, finally forming a unique taste of vinegar and such products were named as Superior Mature Vinegar.



    Mr. Chen Jusheng, one of the famous biologists,  in his various writings clearly states that Shanxi Superior Mature Vinegar is the famous vinegar in China. Its production history last about more than 3000 years. With its special taste of “ Soft, Acid, pure, fragrant, sweet” Chinese people call it “The First Vinegar in China”, which is better than three other Chinese famous vinegars, Zhenjiang Vinegar, Baoning Vinegar and Fujian Red Vinegar.