Magical Effects of Shanxi Superior Mature Vinegar

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    Shanxi Superior Mature Vinegar is a  kind of condiments commonly used in our life. But in recent years some studies on the effects of vinegar show that mature vinegar also have the following magical effects.


1. Always drinking vinegar, can reduce the rate of fat coagulation in blood, soften blood vessels, which is very helpful for reducing cholesterol. Drinking a little vinegar before having a meal, can lower the blood sugar, which is also a good adjuvant therapy for diabetics.


2. The effects of Vinegar on weight loss have been utilized for centuries. This completely natural way to shed pounds is a tried and true home remedy used throughout the world. Vinegar is made from the double fermentation of whole apples should be used, and it should not be distilled, filtered or pasteurized as these extra processing steps destroy many of the vitamins, nutrients and fermentation products that are thought to be important elements in vinegar's health benefits and weight loss properties.


3. Vinegar can make body cells active. To be digested and absorbed ,most foods  have to rely on the help of enzymes . Vinegar is rich in enzymes. The combination  of enzymes and amino acids can help cell metabolism, promote blood and hormone secretion, thereby muscles tension is increased .


4. Vinegar can add the supplement of calcium. Minerals calcium, is one kind of nutrients that very hard to be absorbed by the body. Naturally fermented vinegar is rich in vitamins, organic acids (such as acetic acid, citric acid, malic acid, succinic acid, etc.), which can extract dietary calcium, phosphorus and other minerals efficiently, then will be able to promote the effective absorption of the body, to reach the effect of calcium supplement finally.


5. Skin Care. Acetic acid, amino acids, glycerol and aldehydes can promote blood circulation, make the skin smooth.


6. Enhance renal function. Vinegar can diuretic, prevent constipation, prevent stomach stones, bladder stones and urinary tract stones and other diseases. Enhance liver function, acid contained in vinegar, amino acids, lactic acid and other rich nutrients can improve liver function.


7. Improve gastrointestinal sterilizing ability. Vinegar has a strong bactericidal effect, can kill Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, bacteria bite salt, dysentery bacilli.


8. Balance the Blood pH. Vinegar is an alkaline food, the excessive intake of fish, meat, sugar, rice, bread and other acidic foods, drinking some vinegar can play a role in maintaining PH balance of body fluids.