As the birthplace of Shanxi Mature Vinegar - Qingxu, within 4,000 years’ history of the evolution of the vinegar, has made tremendous contributions to our vinegar industry, therefore, Qingxu is well known as “Chinese Vineger Town” in the world.


    In the Ming and Qing dynasties, Shanxi Mature Vinegar reached its peak, a large number of vinegar workshops established at that time, along with the footsteps of Shanxi business men, Shanxi Mature Vinegar also spread in the whole China, which had become one of the most favorite condiments among Chinese, got the reputation of  "First vinegar of the World".


   “Baoyuan Mature Vinegar Workshop”, was built in the Ming Dynasty, dated AD 1428, which has lasted for 500 years. In those years, they were brewed as royal tribute for Ming and Qing dynasties. Today, the workshop are still producing and brewing high quality vinegars with traditional crafts. Because of its long history and great contribution to the vinegar industry of our country, it has gotten lots of reputations, such as “The First Industrial Tourism Demonstration Attractions of Taiyuan”, “Qingxu Mature Vinegar Brewing Technology Museum” and “National AAAA Class Tourist Attraction”